Past Lives (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Past Lives (2xLP)
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TIPP !!! - Akuratyde is a musician driven by a passion to create and has spent his life expressing his talents in a variety of media. Based on the West Coast US, Akuratyde has drawn his inspiration both from Southern California’s breathtaking panoramic landscapes and his own, personal struggles.
Akuratyde’s goal is to make music that strikes an emotional chord in his listeners. Incorporating his affinity for reverb soaked synthesizers and dreamy guitar riffs Akuratyde’s music is the perfect mix of melodic hooks and immersive beats. He has created something that is simultaneously raw and passion-filled, with subtle beautiful undertones that are guaranteed to move the listener.
'Past Lives' is a deeply personal collection of work, drawn from moments and experiences in the artist's own life. The album is an emotive work that celebrates wonderment, intimately articulates loss, and reflects on meaning and purpose.
Stylistically, 'Past Lives' echoes some of the Autonomic movement's richer moments, with hand-crafted synths and Akuratyde's own guitar-playing skills draped lovingly over each track. A supporting cast of glitched-out percussion, fragmented vocals and warping bass completes the ensemble.

Mixed & engineered by Mike Richards (Random Movement).

    A1.  Come True (Ft. Monika)
    A2.  Without You
    A3.  Plume
    B1.  Wonder, Love & Loss
    B2.  Find My Way
    B3.  Into The Sea
    C1.  Lost Summer
    C2.  November's End
    C3.  Past Lives
    D1.  Complications
    D2.  The Well (Ft. Conduct)
    D3.  Letting Go

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