Prints Of You E.P.
Format: 12"
Nuage, Blu Mar Ten, Bop, The Levels...
Prints Of You E.P.
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Translation returns with the long-awaited Prints of You Remixes EP to continue the sonic exploration of its namesake, which marked Nuage's transition to house and bass music. Up first, veteran London-based outfit Blu Mar Ten deftly re-imagine the album's opening track Colors at a crisp 170 BPM, applying lush atmospherics, energetic breakbeats, and rolling basslines for an uplifting dancefloor vibe.
Next, Nuage delves into experimental / postmodern drum & bass territory on his remix of Waterfalls, crafting an immersive, naturesque soundscape with a subdued percussive shuffle, twinkling keys, and bouncing 808 bass. Fellow Saint Petersburg based artist Bop applies his signature "Microfunk" sound to Overseas, juxtaposing crunchy lo-fi drums and glitchy FX with the uplifting house vocals and soothing synths of its predecessor.
The Levels end things with a twist, re-imagining the melancholic Shining into an uplifting slice of future soul music with a textural, arpeggiated synth lead, bubbling 808 drums, and fresh verses from Alia Fresco that seamlessly blend into Veronique J's cello performance.

A. Nuage - Colors (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
AA. Nuage - Waterfalls (Remix)
B. Nuage - Overseas (Bop Remix)
BB. Nuage (feat. Veronique J) - Shining (The Levels Remix)

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