Coral E.P.
Format: 12"
Coral E.P.
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - Roy Ritsma AKA Drummotive is a Dutch DJ and producer. Like Next Phase Records he is mostly known for championing Drum and Bass but much like the label he is not afraid to stray away from the beaten track and explore other areas of breakbeat driven music.

The Coral EP' is a unique fusion drawing in uence from styles that were early inspirations to the producer. Elements of jazz, 90's electronica and 70's soul can be heard on the EP enriched by Roy's trade- mark sound of ethereal atmospheres, crisp breaks and sublime bass rhythms. Each track delicately constructed to create a feeling of enchantment and wonder.

Mystical horns, captivating vocals and entrancing Rhodes compliment the rich drum work that delivers a truly mesmerising soundscape.

The EP features four tracks (three mid tempo and one drum and bass) and will be available on both digital and vinyl formats.

The vinyl release is limited to 300 copies worldwide and is supplied in a full artwork sleeve designed by label owner R. Peperkamp. Pressed by Record Indus- try the twelve inch was mastered by Macc at Subvert Central and cut by Beau at Ten Eight Seven maintai- ning the high standards Next Phase sets itself.

    A.  Gentle As The Sigh Of A Morning Breeze
    AA.  From Above
    B.  Coral
    BB.  Synchronism

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