Aurora E.P.
Format: 12"
DJ Fokus / Voyager
Aurora E.P.
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KLASSIKER !!! - LTD. RED VINYL EDITION - The second release on Eternal Soul features a limited coloured vinyl and digital Ep of tracks from the mighty old school partnership of Dj Fokus and Voyager, who drop four cuts filled with classic original DnB vibes in their own distinctive styles.

First up, Dj Fokus brings a huge classic track back from the Day with 'Online' which has stayed true to its original golden era style, but with a new line of code in the beats to give it a fresh twist. Also straight out of the vault is the completely unreleased track, 'Inteliqo' which was made around 1995 in the legendary Monroe studios, but stayed
hidden on DAT until 2021. Both tracks have those authentic 90's vibes and are sure to drop!

Following on are two tracks from Voyager that feature his distinct style and rolling beats. 'Aurora remix' takes the original deep atmospheric stepper and drops a rolling Amen into the mix that adds a new take on lifting the lush pads and melodies of the original into a more upfront style. Finishing the selection is a revisit to Voyager's original 'Aurora', which has been remastered and fattened up on the mix for a deeper journey into atmospheric bliss in his own unique style.

A. Dj Fokus     Online - recoded
AA. Dj Fokus     Inteliqo
B. Voyager     Aurora - remix
BB. Voyager     Aurora - remastered 

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