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Raid / JBB
Format: 10"
DnB - Drumfunk, Oldschool, DnB - Jungle / Juke
7th Storey Projects
Coco Bryce
Raid / JBB
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LTD. 10" VINYL !!! - 7th Storey Projects are delighted to announce the release of a 10" dubplate special from a man who has been making a splash in the jungle scene for a while now, with a slew of top quality releases on labels such as Fresh 86 and Shiprec, as well as his own imprints - Myor Massiv, MYOR & Diamond Life . A huge welcome to Coco Bryce to 7th Storey's roster of talent ! Featuring two killer cuts from Coco's archives - the A side, 'Raid' in an amenistic attack, replete with dark and eerie interludes. The B Side 'JBB' is a junglistic roller with uplifting pads, plaintive horns and ragga chants. Both tracks demonstrate his ability to create unconventional yet still dance floor friendly tunes tinged with his many musical influences.

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