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Soundclash / Discordance
Format: 12"
DnB - Jungle / Juke, DnB - Tech-/Neurofunk
Critical Music
Soundclash / Discordance
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Xtrah Xtrah! You’ll be reading all about this one for a long time to come as Yasin Elgohary delivers his very first outing on Critical Music and what a debut it is. Having smashed the living daylights out of little sister label Modulations with ‘Set The Levels’, his new offerings are nothing short of devastating. Get the vibes in, this one’s ready to rip a hole in it! Summer soundsystem inspired ‘Soundclash’ is possibly the rudest cut of drum & bass you’ll be hearing this year. From the soundboy vox, the heinous thudding b-line and mid-range pops, it’s easy to hear how this dubwise piece of musical mastery has been hammering clubs across the globe.
Original junglist material for 2012, there is no doubt. Wheel it up! Straight no filler, this next one is a killer! ‘Discordance’ sees Xtrah rolling hard once again with frenetic percussion and morphing bass that harks back to some vintage Ram Trilogy for a proper full force effect. Prickly drum edits and the massive ‘I know it sounds deep’ vocal make this a great way to end one of the most hefty D&B releases of 2012. Much more to come from this new Critical superstar.

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