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Yellow Shoes / Mystic Sunset
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Latin, DnB - Classics
Innerground Records
DJ Marky & S.P.Y.
Yellow Shoes / Mystic Sunset
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KLASSIKER !!! - With summer looming on the horizon, it’s time to break out the summer flavas! You know the ones. They’re all over the radio, pumping out of cars passing by on the street, overheard on someone’s iPod on the bus – they’re everywhere, and this latest release from Innerground is the one to topple them all!
Heading up the A-Side of this double sider from DJ Marky & S.P.Y. is the long awaited “Yellow Shoes”. Featuring some subtle vocals from the man himself, DJ Marky, the track is the perfect fit for summer.
Forming the B-Side is another summer blend of undoubtable quality – Mystic Sunset.
The track started life as a sweet downtempo track by Chris Coco, but was transformed into the summer behemoth that it is by some inventive tweaks by DJ Marky & S.P.Y.

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