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Remember Your Rootz / Freeze
Format: 12"
DnB - Reggae / Dub, DnB - Classics, DnB - Jungle / Juke
Dom & Roland Productions
Dom & Roland
Remember Your Rootz / Freeze
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LTD. RED VINYL EDITION / 300 COPIES ONLY !!! - Dom & Roland is one of those producers that embody the true spirit of drum & bass. With over 150 releases, many of them considered classics, he is true pioneer with 20 years drum and bass history. A fearless artist whoÔÇÖs never been afraid to try something different. Remember your rootz: An amen track of thunderous proportions and heavy as it comes. This means serious business. Huge string pads pave the way for a barrage of rumbling bass that penetrates every inch of you. During this onslaught samples fly in and out to remind you of where drum and bass originated from, classic lost samples galore. When he staccato hardcore riff comes in at the middle, it creates complete mayhem on the listeners brain. This track has caused utter dance floor devastation whenever itÔÇÖs been dropped.
Freeze: An diamond in the rough takes you straight back to the metalheadz sessions at blue note, It begins with huge searing strings before an exquisitely programmed breakbeat batters you around the head with a multitude of pots and pans. When the bass drops you it locks you down into the groove and will reduce many to shaking booty within seconds. we guarantee this will have the entire club bouncing.

Both of these tracks have had a lot of DJ support from the likes of Goldie, Audio, Break, Klute, and many more...

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