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The Puppeteer / Emergency
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Vocal, DnB - Reggae / Dub, DnB - Hip Hop / R&B, DnB - Classics, DnB - Tech-/Neurofunk
DRS (feat. Jubei / Marcus Intalex)
The Puppeteer / Emergency
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KLASSIKER !!! - DRS is back with a brand new solo album called Mid Mic Crisis and here at Soul:R we’re proud to present the first single to be taken from the project: The Puppeteer feat Jubei and Emergency feat Marcus Intalex. DRS is an artist at the top of his game. He is confident, primed and ready to show the world what he has been working on. As an artist he has successfully traversed genres like no other and the excitement for his new work is palpable.
The first single demonstrates a slice of the diversity that you’ll find on the album, from straight raps to more traditional singing and subject matters that extend further than your average.

A. DRS - The Puppeteer Ft Jubei
B. DRS - Emergency Ft Marcus Intalex

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